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Traditional water heaters store warmed water in a reservoir for regular use. When the hot water is needed, water pulls from that tank. As the tank depletes, it slowly refills and reheats the water so it's ready for the next user. If you turn on your water faucet and the water remains persistently cold, there might be a problem with your water heater.

Is It Time to Replace Your Water Heater?

Beyond cold water, common problems you may run into with your water heater include:

  • Sediment Buildup in The Tank -
    With hot water heaters, sometimes you can have sediment build up at the bottom of the tank. This can lead to rust as well reduce the amount of hot water your home is receiving. Contact us if you notice red'ish water or seem to be losing hot water quickly.
  • Frequent Repairs -
    Repairs can add up if you are having to frequently have the technician out to fix your water heater. If you are experiencing your water heater breaking down multiple times a year, it may be time to invest in replacing your water heater unit.
  • Loud Noises Coming From The Heater -
    Water heaters make some noise each time they start to warm up water. But, if you are hearing a loud banging or clanging it could be a sign that there is more serious problem happening with your water heater. Sometimes your best route is to replace the unit before serious damage occurs.

If you are considering a new water heater, it may be a good idea to consider installing a tankless water heater. When you replace your old water heater with a tankless water heater, you never have to worry about running out of hot water again.

Knowledgeable Water Heater Repairs in Santa Maria

We know how irritating it can be to get shocked with cold water in the middle of your shower. If this happens more frequently than it used to, chances are, your water heater has one of a few minor problems that can be easily fixed.

Signs You Need Water Heater Repair:

  • Run Out of Hot Water -
    If you notice that your hot water is running out quickly, it could be due to either a heating element in your tank being broken or it could be because of sediment buildup that isn't allowing for enough water to heat up.
  • Signs of Corrosion -
    One clear sign that your water heater is suffering from corrosion is when you notice that the water coming out of your faucets is a brown like or orange color. This happens typically when the inside of your water heater is suffering from rust.
  • Leaking Water -
    If you notice a puddle of water in front of your water heater, it could be that your unit has a leak. It's important to address this problem as soon as you notice to avoid having more than just a leak and have to deal with a flood and water damage.

whether it's sediment buildup in your tank, which can be cleaned out by emptying and refilling the reservoir or even a broken heating element. Knowing what's failed is easy with the help of our Santa Maria water heater repair technicians. We offer regular maintenance services, too, to ensure you never run out of hot water.

Ask our professional plumbers to help get your showers warm again by calling (805) 367-5027. Emergency Santa Maria water heater repair services are available 24/7!

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