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  • How do I get my kitchen sink to drain faster?

    We never recommend pouring a bottle drain clearing solution down your pipes. Instead, we recommend looking in the garbage disposal to make sure nothing got caught in the blades. Then, pour a solution of vinegar and baking soda down the drain to help loosen debris. Sometimes hot water can help too.

    If the water in your drain is still refusing to budge, know that you can always count on our Santa Maria plumbers. We are well-equipped and experienced to handle any type of drain and plumbing issues.

  • Why does my toilet always run?

    Either you have a leak in the tank, or your valve needs to be replaced. The toilet valve wears out frequently, needing to be replaced once every six months or so. Replacing this valve will not only stop your toilet from making so much racket, but it will save on your monthly water bill.

  • Is there a way to make my hot water even hotter?

    For safety reasons, your water heater is usually set at a lower temperature as its max, so young children cannot accidentally scald themselves if they play with the faucets. It's possible to set the max temperature higher, but we recommend protecting your family to avoid serious burns.