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Santa Maria Trenchless Plumbing Services

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Your sewer line is one of the most important pieces of your plumbing system, but it’s far from easy to repair. A broken or damaged sewer line can cause immense damage to your entire property, and for many years the only way to repair or replace it involved excavation. Excavation is an expensive and labor-intensive process that involves digging up the old line to service it, leaving you with extensive property repairs to restore your home after the service is complete.

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The Benefits Of Trenchless Plumbing

However, thanks to modern technology, you may not even have to excavate your old sewer line when you’ve got a problem. Trenchless pipe repair services fix your existing line while it sits in place, making them much faster, less expensive, and easier-to-complete than traditional excavation services. The trenchless plumbing process is far less invasive, involving only small holes in your yard to access the damaged area, and can repair your existing sewer line, keeping it in good condition and ready to handle years of work without a problem. And the best part: the thin repair means you lose very little of your sewer line’s diameter, so you won’t notice any functional difference in your sewer line!

Video Inspections Are Necessary

The trenchless pipe repair process starts with a video camera inspection. With this inspection, your Santa Maria plumber can determine if trenchless repair is a viable option for your situation. In extreme cases, trenchless repair may not be possible, and you’ll be better off excavating the line anyway.

The Trenchless Sewer Line Repair Process

So long as your video inspection doesn’t discover anything which would preclude a trenchless repair, your plumber then cleans your sewer line to remove any and all debris which may be in the damaged section, making it as smooth and clear as possible. Your plumber then digs two small holes, one on each end of the sewer line section that needs to be repaired. Once the holes are dug, your plumber cuts into your sewer line from both holes, separating the section which needs to be repaired. Next, they feed a specialized tool into the sewer line that’s connected to a winch on one end.

Your plumber then measures and cuts a flexible cloth tube to the size that you’ll need to repair your line. They then take the segment they cut and douse it in a thick resin, which goes completely solid when it dries. One end of this cloth tube is attached to the specialized tool, and then the winch pulls that tool and the cloth tube back through your damaged sewer line, putting it in place. The tube is then connected to an air compressor, which blows it up like a balloon inside your sewer line. This makes it inflate and fill the entire empty space inside your line without any wrinkles, bends, or creases which may create a hangup in the line. Once the tube is inflated, it’s sealed off and left to dry.

Once the new line dries, your plumber opens it back up and checks it to make sure that it’s completely dry and free from any defects which can cause it to fail. As long as it passes this inspection, your plumber then attaches the newly-relined pipe to your existing plumbing, ensuring that it’s completely leak-free. They then re-fill the two holes they dug and your new sewer is ready to use!

Are Trenchless Repairs Durable?

Trenchless pipe repairs are both corrosion-resistant, rust-proof, and even resistant to impacts or cracking due to things like collapsing lines or compacting earth. That means it takes a lot for these repairs to fail. When properly applied, these resin pipes can last an additional 10 to 20 years, greatly extending the lifespan of your sewer line!

Schedule a trenchless pipe repair by contacting the Santa Maria trenchless plumbing experts at Jack’s All-American Plumbing.

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